The strengths of this little camera are the sharp Ultra High Definition, how easy it is to use, and the image stabilization. As much as I loved the UHD image I also shot footage of the camera in 1920 x 1080 in both 35 Mb/s and 17 Mb/s. The Canon XA40 is a small and mighty UHD camcorder yielding canon’s color as a weapon against single-lens camera hate in an s35mm and full-frame world. This was a little bothersome to me at first. Deciding to forego the auto nature of the Canon XA40 caused me to stumbled toward a better understanding of this little UHD camcorder. Advanced 4K UHD CMOS Pro Image Sensor with Impressive Low-light Performance. I don't like using built-in mics, except for emergencies, so I added an Azden SGM-250CX short shotgun. Then when you want to set your aperture or iris and the neutral density will not be separately selectable. canon vixia hf g60 4k uhd 13.4mp camcorder canon xf705 4k 1" sensor xf-hevc h.265 pro camcorder canon xa40 professional uhd 4k camcorder Choosing such a camera also means accessorizing it with properly proportioned compact audio gear--like the options we'll explore here. A surprise was my … Page 3 Highlights of the Camcorder The Canon XA45 / XA40 4K Camcorder is a high-performance camcorder … Users cannot select a neutral density strength and then set the aperture. Figure 3. In a challenging lighting situation, in the cab of a Chevy Pickup Truck, the image at 35Mb/s did not fall apart. If you need to travel with a camera, you will benefit from the camera’s small size., but you need to add a few things to the XA40 before you can get shooting. There I got to try it out at several outdoor activities, such as the beach, archaeological sites, and off-roading, most with good light. The sea of green soybeans waving in the winds and the camera still holds the detail well. A shift is happening in optics. The Canon XA40, XA50, and XA55 are three new 4K UHD camcorders in Canon’s professional XA-series.. Working together, the lens and CMOS have an optical image stabilization system, which has a “dynamic mode” that employs assistance for roll and tilt electronically. The 400 series uses 1" sensors, as does the XA50 and 55. Out of the box, it looks just like the Vixia HF G50, but attaching the pro audio module/handle gives it a whole new look and profile. I also tried out Azden's new and improved digital wireless lavaliere mic, the Pro-XR, and the Movo digital wireless lavaliere mic, the WMX-1. I was right and so was my wife, I had the right camera in my hands and the flight was easy on us as a family. Image Sensor/Processor: The Canon XA40 4K professional camcorder features a 1/2.3" 4K CMOS Pro image sensor with 21,140,000 total pixels and 8,290,000 effective pixels (3840 x 2160). I got the XA40 last summer right before I went on vacation to Israel, which is a great place to test and get acquainted with cameras. The XA40 allows you to use the two XLR audio inputs as well as the camera’s onboard mics or the 3.5mm stereo mic input on the camera body, for a total of 4 channels. If it works then it usually works well enough for me. When I pulled the UHD files (3840 x 2160) into Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve I was able to finesse the color and look even further to see how the Canon’s UHD h.264 files performed. According to Canon, the Infrared Mode will allow the capture of video in conditions with little to no ambient light. The XA40 Professional Camcorder represents Canon's 4K UHD System, delivering truly excellent image quality and reproduction for most any news-gathering application. It was very flat, noisy, and didn't “pop.” With postproduction I was able to make the footage passable, but I had to really massage it. The exposure and how one sets the aperture or neutral density is just one example which I detail below. After a bit, I got used to this feature. Compact and efficient – XA 4K camcorder with UHD resolution and high magnification The XA40 features a 1/2.3 - type CMOS Sensor along with DIGIC DV6 image processor. There is also a Sony LANC jack for attaching a zoom controller. What lapel system did you use with this camera when in the and did you record the audio directly to the camera or an external recorder? © 2020 ProVideo Coalition, a Moviola Company. Figure 2. When the Canon XA40 was set to full auto I felt like the image was kind of vanilla. The XA40 (Figure 1, below) is a professional version of the Canon Vixia HF G50. Extreme low-light places like caves were a bit much for the 1/2.3" sensor to get a decent image. Sometimes simple and easy to use is exactly what we need. For interviews, I added a Movo HM-M2 interview mic. © 2000 - There was plenty of bright sunlight to go around, but I did test the Canon XA40 in low-light situations and I even shot a color chart noise test which you can see below. The XA40 is a feature-packed compact professional camcorder that can get you into shooting 4K 30p for around $1,500. The main difference is the XA40 has a detachable handle with professional XLR connectors, dial audio input level control and a host of other switches that make audio record settings a lot easier to use and pros can't be without. 76 (“Time” Editor Gabriel Rhodes), ART OF THE CUT with Gabriel Rhodes on editing the doc “Time”, Reviewing New Laowa OOOM 25-100mm T2.9 Cinema Lens, Review: Zoom ZDM-1 dynamic studio microphone or kit, Reviewing The New Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 12K, Optical and electronic image stabilization. Then I tested the HD in 17 Mb/s where I found the image to be a touch softer but not much softer than the 35 Mb/s HD. The Canon XA50 Professional UHD 4K Camcorder is a compact, lightweight camera featuring UHD 4K capture, a 1" CMOS sensor, two XLR audio inputs, and one mini-HDMI output which fits right into the … The image sensor is coupled with Canon's powerful DIGIC DV 6 Image Processor to deliver stunning 4K … All of these features in a $1699.00 video camera. What is interesting to me is the sensor resolution on the Canon XA40. By entering your email, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Built with a 1/2.3”-type CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV6 image processor, your images will be sharp, colourful and … If you, like me, found yourself facing a bright sun then you will need to dive deep into the menu on the XA-40 to turn on the Neutral Density. For fast performance in both capture and transmission, excellent for the dynamic world of Electronic News Gathering (ENG) as well as journalistic, documentary, corporate and higher education video … It’s not a “cinema camera” with shallow depth of field. You need to charge the battery on the camera, until you get one. The details in the leaves and soybeans are good. The color in the Canon XA40 is everything we know about the palette into which canon dips their pixels. On returning to the States I used the XA40 as a B-roll angle on a shoot. I live near the Stone’s River in Tennessee and there are zero light sources as my backyard transition into a wooded area. It easily achieves high quality 4K footage that expands the possibilities in 4K … In my tests, the Infrared Mode needed a little bit of ambient light. This time I wasn't as impressed with the footage. 2020,, an Information Today, Inc. (ITI) company, at Mitzpeh Ramon, Israel's "Grand Canyon". I found about halfway up the gain settings on the Canon XA40 was a comfortable place for me, but the higher half I found too noisy for my needs. If I wanted, I could have pulled up the shadows a little more. Once you understand the XA40's limitations, you can get some very good results with it. Offering users exceptional value, the XA40 is a 4K camcorder that is equipped with the Canon 4K Video System comprising a 4K UHD CMOS image sensor, the DIGIC DV 6 image processing platform and a 4K video lens. The second shoot where I used it as the main camera was a lecture with Dr. Robert Epstein, who recently testified in front of Congress about how Google and Facebook could swing elections. The Canon XA40 Professional UHD 4K Camcorder is a compact, lightweight camera featuring UHD 4K capture, a 1/2.3" CMOS sensor, two XLR audio inputs, and one mini-HDMI output which fits right … Combine this acrylic like color saturation with a high plains sunset and you have a beautiful scene. I mean, I am handholding the camera as the truck drives down a North Dakota dirt road. Thanks to the sensor's high sensitivity, the XA40 … The Azden SGM-250 is longer than the XA40. I have a particular interest into how the HD at 35 Mb/s looked because many Television Stations across the country shoot a 35 Mb/s because they have not moved into the 10-bit 30P world higher productions inhabit. For most of my recording I used Kingston 256GB SDXC cards, which gives you more than 3 hours of 4K 30p or over 13 hours of 1080p60 record time. If you need to look “less professional” you can simply remove the handle, and no one will know you are a pro. It retains the best possible image quality well suited for professional … The footage was very clean and sharp. The Canon XA40 is an entry-level professional 4K/UHD camcorder, in a small package. Even with good light, and gain a little higher than expected, I wasn't impressed with the video. It takes very respectable 8 MP stills (Figure 3, below). When I pointed the Canon XA40 out the back of my yard the zero light was just that in Infrared, zero. Auto Focus, Auto Exposure, and Auto White Balance you name the setting and the Canon XA40 can go auto with that setting. There the light also wasn’t great. I knew the mild summer beauty of the northern plains could deliver gorgeous imagery and I wanted to take all the gear I could carry. You can see in the detail photo of the Canon XA40 LCD Screen below that the ND 1/8 shows up around F4.0. They can be set up for redundant or chain recording. 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It has a single 1/2.3 UHD CMOS sensor. With Over Sampling HD processing this results in improved Full HD … If you’re looking for a Canon with the cinema look, go for the C200, 5D Mark IV DSLR, or their new mirror-less offerings. Otherwise the XAs are very similar to the 400 series in features and operation. I brought a Litras Torch 2.0, a rechargeable light that’s about the size of a GoPro Session. Full silhouette was my expectation. This added shadow detail was a very nice little surprise. The sound levels were easy to adjust and the removable top handle, which houses the external audio controls, worked well. Meeting videographer needs for a variety of applications, Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced four new additions to the lineup of XA Series professional camcorders, the XA55, XA50, XA45 and XA40. It reminded me of video from my old Panasonic AG-456, which was also a single-chip camera from the early 1990s. Being limited to 4K 30p uses less processing power, making them less expensive to make. The XA40 Professional Camcorder has an Infrared Mode. I edited it on a 1080p sequence in Premiere Pro, where I was able to reframe the shots as needed and edit in Power Point slides. The Canon XA40 can record a beefy UHD (3860 x 2160) video at 23.98/24/29.97/30 fps (150 Mb/s) 1920 x 1080p at 23.98/24/29.97/30/59.94/60 fps (17 to 35 Mb/s) and 1280 x 720p at 59.94/60 fps (8 Mb/s). I tried to match these noise examples to match. The Litras helped get a good color image in really dark areas with a subject within 6-8 feet of the lens.

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