50 life to win. General rules changes about the format should serve to open deckbuilding and allow for more interesting approaches to the meta and winning. Not only would making you draw it easier, but 2 Aetherfluxes in play is not that bad if your win condition is >50 life. - Matches are best 2 games out of 3, with a 60 minute time limit. to it), as well as many new cards that have triggered abilities whenever , Almost all of the storm cards that Modern used to play are banned. You chose probably the hardest win condition in Storm. Local groups often play with house rules, such as allowing certain creatures such as the Nephilim to be played as if they were Legendary Creatures, or an alternate ban list. FotD making Scapeshift too good? Tendrils of Agony by Argonot8. Deep Analysis Everflowing Chalice the Loch is already mentioned as one of the best recent additions to the , and Also, each life that our opponent loses is great for us because instead of us gaining life, we're draining our opponent. are never winning a game on their own in this deck. But brawl (an official mtg format) is a singleton standard 60 cards format at 25 hp. Tendrils can be cast multiple times to win. CONS: 1) It's black, and quite a bit at that. Scapeshift always was a staple in Modern, and recently in Standard as Also, unlike Unfortunately, we had to revise our hopes about Edric, Spymaster of Trest as a legal commander as of today. Aetherflux Reservoir Grapeshot As long as you control four or fewer other Shrines, Kiku is not a creature. All in all, an almost infinite replayability at almost no cost, along with graveyard synergies and card advantage are way too many arguments to keep Emry, Lurker of the Loch legal any longer. Manamorphose Sensei’s Divining Top. Chromatic Erayo - Moon We all know what happened at this moment of the year…, Emry didn’t appeared in a lot of top 8 because the decks agressively built against her (emprisoned in the moon, peething needle…) and a lot of players boycotted the deck (at least for the ZAP tournament). And please stop speaking about urza’s ban. Needless to say, Emry, Lurker of the Loch strongly echoes the Then, you can keep casting it. If you can flip Erayo, Soratami Ascendant, to Erayo's Essence early in the game, very few other Modern decks will be able to resolve a single spell! Wasn’t Erayo unbanned this august? by JazzDeath, Wait.. What was that? Contact | , it is very hard to block all of them at once. Treasure Cruise , Ascendant is now made clearly, unconditionally legal. We’re happy, over here! Is she really as dominant as Urza? Message X