Up until recently I never even thought of wearing my bantu knots … You didn't apply styler to wet hair. Step 4: Once, you have your hair sectioned off the way you want it, twirl the hair and then roll it around itself. If you feel that some of the knots are not fully dry, you can keep the hairstyle in until they are dry… You’ll see that the curls in the back are less defined than the ones in the front. Fortunately, however, after separating the curls, the back section blended into the more curly front section. Some people that leave them in for 1-2 days to dry and you also have some people that use a blow dryer to dry their hair. I prefer sitting under a hair dryer for about 30-45 minutes. 3. So I really needed moisture here to make my hair more pliable. Just in case you have no idea what Bantu knots are keep reading. (Check out Bantu Knot Outs on Different Lengths and Textures). I was generally happy with the outcome; definitely better than the first time I tried a bantu knot out. The smaller the section, the curlier the hair will be. About Us    \    Press   \    Newsletter   \    Be on Un-ruly   \    Work With Us   \   Terms   \  Privacy   \    Advertise   \     Meet Up   \    Discover Yeluchi by Un-ruly, don’t like to spend too much time on my hair. Keep this in mind when you’re sectioning your hair. Putting in the bantu knots took about 20 – 30 minutes because I only did six of them. Bantu … Bantu Knot Out on Natural Hair. But have been pleased with the Twist Frosting so far. 18. Source. This is where the Twist Frosting really came in handy. … I made my knots flat because, I wanted them to dry quicker and I wanted a smooth spiral curl without the little bump that comes with the other method. Instagram. In case you need more reasons to try this style – it is super easy to do and costs very little or nothing at all. Believe me! Pick a choice and tame those locks. But most of the cases, people find the damp hair more perfect and suitable for knots. Those frizzes can be a big problem. To take out the knots I put a little bit of olive oil on my fingers. Bantu knots can be a great way for styling your frizzy dry hair. • If you decide to do a bantu knot-out on freshly washed hair, you still need to allow your hair to dry for at least 40 minutes. Unraveling your hair while wet or damp will leave your hair limp, frizzy, and undefined. But my hair has grown since then and I wanted to give this look another try. Your email address will not be published. Start with the final look in mind and create bantu-knots and part hair accordingly. It also plays a role in length retention in the long run. You don't need to use a blow dryer, you can air dry. Doing Bantu knots on damp hair may cause hair to still be damp upon removal with low definition. Alright now, let me know what you think of the results! The bigger the bantu knot, the harder it is to create. Bantu knots generate gorgeous wavy curls as this post will show. Your email address will not be published. Bantu knot outs, like a twist out or braid out, are a way to curl or ‘crimp’ your hair without heat. If you compare this picture with the first one, you’ll see that I didn’t ‘lose’ too much length. It will last you another few days if you take care of the curls properly. Source: @4adaniels. In addition, they are even greater if you have long hair, as the Bantu knots will get twisted into pyramids or long funnels. Finally, add a pair of stylish bohemian earrings and a pastel colored one-shoulder shirt to get the look.  | Discover Yeluchi. Twist and wrap each section into Bantu knots while adding in extensions. Free each knot cautiously and separate them with your fingers to keep the curls they’ve formed! In the Caribbean, we call Bantu knots “Chiney bumps”. I think that’s one of the main benefits of a bantu knot out on dry hair–because you’re not creating them on fully wet hair, the curls don’t set as tightly. ▪     Use a moisturizing product with a light hold:  If the product creates too much hold, the hair will not fall into a natural style. Try to use butters and pomades. These knots on long hair also serve to give a great bantu knot out curls. I’m curious to see what effect it has on my hair over time, given it has biotin in it. Small and long Bantu knots in rectangular partitions are here to dazzle! A Guide To Creating Bantu Knots with Weave . The following evening (I wore the same shirt for continuity ;-) I took out the knots. However, when this is done, they take at least two days to dry up. Hey beauties, instead of securing the bag, today we’re going to be securing the Bantu Knot. I used this product without spritzing water on … Not allowing your Bantu knots dry. Even though this was a bantu knot out on dry hair, the Twist Frosting really added quite a bit of moisture to my hair. Watch How To Do A Bantu Knot Out On Natural Hair On Youtube. Ok we kid (a little bit) but unraveling a wet bantu knot out is a recipe for an unsuccessful bantu knot out. If done properly, Bantu knots … 19. Bantu Knots on Wet Natural Hair. One of the main differences between Bantu knots on dry or wet hair is that the curls are more defined for the latter technique. Colored. This is one of my fav styles to see..big and all lion-like! One of the worst mistakes when creating a twist-out, braid-out, or a Bantu-knot out is not allowing your twists to fully dry. Bantu Knots on Long Hair. I let them set over night–really until the evening of the next day–and then took them out. Distinctly different from the popular twist out hairstyle, Bantu knot outs provide your strands with tighter and more defined curls as opposed to … Give your bantu knots plenty of time to dry, otherwise your hair will be frizzy and undefined. Bantu knots are a great, fun and easy way to achieve cute curls without using heat or curlformers. Step 1: Section hair into squares or triangles using fingers or comb. Is this page catered to 4c hair types? Below are a couple of tips to remember when doing your bantu knot out 1) use smaller sections- you will get […] While most Bantu knot hairstyles that have braids only include one or two cornrows, you … Bantu Knots On Natural Hair. I used Twist Frosting with Biotin by My Fluffy Puff. It’s great for this kind of styling because it’s light–it has an almost whipped texture, so it it was easy to apply and didn’t weigh down my air. If you are new here don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more videos. Bantu knots can be done on wet natural hair as well. I’ll probably do this style again, perhaps as a way to extend the life of an old braid out. MissJessie’s Pillow soft curls is an excellent product for bantu-knots. It just involves making 12-16 two-strand twists, wrapping them in Bantu-knots, and in the morning, undoing the knots, and making two cornrows with the twists. … However, consider adding bantu knots … (Don’t ask how I got my blow out to last that long; you might not really want to know lol.) To mimic this badass hairstyle, section your hair into four parts. However, I … I apply my hair products in the shower since I have low porosity hair. Im 3c and have trouble finding product to keep my hair moist. Make sure to get the scalp particularly clean, as much of it will be exposed, and the last thing you want is for product buildup to leave you scratching your head and ruining your style. Two-Strand Twist Bantu-Knot/ Cornrow Combo: It's a mouth full, but it's really quite simple. I often wear bantu knots as a hairstyle leading up to an even better and curlier fro. A leave-in conditioner will help protect tresses and keep flyaways in check while you detangle your hair to prep for styling. The pineapple method is great too if you want fluffy hair. It is up to you to decide how you want to wear your Bantu knots once dry; for a few days or for a week. Curlychroniclesly says: August 18, 2011 at 11:56 AM awesome! Bantu knots are a great protective style since they keep the ends tucked away. But when you are using the damp hair to make knots, you will get easiness while doing and glamorous effect when done . What is the solution for black/ puerto rican hair? The types of products you use and how you layer them will vary depending on your hair type. They should be dry by the next morning. Consider doing Bantu knots on dry hair. Here are 25 gorgeous looks that will make you mad for bantu knots. Note: I positioned the knots in the back of my head toward the sides so that I can comfortably rest my head on my pillow at night. Bantu Knots on Long Hair. For those looking to style their hair in a curly vs kinky look, bantu knots outs are the perfect solution. Required fields are marked *. Knots, Curls, Braids, Beads Image Source: Instagram Make the Knots. If your hair happens to be long or at least thick, you might end up leaving your hair in those knots … Random Ramblings: My hair performs best when I wash before it becomes dry. Bantu knots on long hair do great. These serve as a protective styling as well as they do not require heating. If you're worried about how long it takes dry, do the knots early in the afternoon before the day you want to wear them out. This is for two reasons — they were bigger, and also they needed more time to dry! I haven’t been a big fan of bantu knot outs because the very first time I did one, I didn’t realize how short it would make my hair look–you lose a little length when you curl your hair. Twisting the hair too tightly can … Your Bantu knots will last you up to two weeks, and when you need to take them out, you can design a curled style! There are actual memes poking fun at this because it is a nightmare. So, combine knots and braids. Part your hair. Â. ▪     Start with detangled, well moisturized hair: You want your hair to be as smooth and manageable as possible when creating the knots – tangled, dry/rough hair will not achieve the look you desire. Step 2: Apply curling cream, pomade, butter or whatever setting product you choose (Avoid being too generous with product, but make sure to apply on every inch of hair), Step 3: Detangle hair (be gentle since hair is dry). 5. And with bantu knots generally needing more time to dry because it’s harder for air to pass through them, waiting for them to fully dry was the one step I shouldn’t have skipped. Bantu knot outs tend to work best on stretched or blown out hair. I let them set over night–really until the evening of the next day–and then took them out. I started with a four-week old blow out. And I love the way you did your eyes…goes perfectly with hair. ▪     Consider doing Bantu knots on dry hair. Do not over twist your hair. I started with a four-week old blow out. The bantu knot out is one my FAVORITE hairstyles!. ▪     Create sections according to the final look you want.  Start with the final look in mind and create bantu-knots and part hair accordingly. What it comes down to is how big your want your knots … You can also try Bantu knots on stretched, dry hair, too. For this, I used Lotta Body Shape Me Custard Gelee only. I wasn’t planning on wearing the knots themselves out, so my parts were all kinds of funky and sometimes non-existent *insert cry-laughing emoji*. Part Your Hair. You may often ask ‘how to part hair for bantu knots’ but there is no one answer. Normally that means they’re worn late at night, covered with a scarf, and hidden from everyone except me. ▪      Do not over twist your hair.  Twisting the hair too tightly can stress your hair and cause breakage, ▪     Be mindful when unscrewing knots.  Do not pull the knot apart; instead unscrew your hair to keep the form of the curl. Be gentle and take your time! Make sure your hair is very dry … 1. It was my first time using this product, but I was pretty confident in it to deliver. Because I was looking for shortcuts, and didn’t care as much about the back section of my hair, I created two big bantus. My Fluffy Puffs was created by small business owner Alyssa “Fluffy” who’s first line of products–The Hydrate Collection–helps you simplify your wash day. Let’s take it back to the ’90s and install some Bantu Knots for the weekend.   Simple steps for perfect bantu-knots on dry hair: Â. Bantu Knots are probably high up on my list of favorite styles to do for a super curly look. A step up from traditional Bantu knots, this elevated style allows you to wear your mini buns as long as you like, then unravel them to reveal springy curls, hence the name Bantu knot out. If you are considering taking a break from your natural hair, you might be exploring crochet braids, box braids, or other styles that generally require hair extensions. Search for: Hey guys! If you’re planning to allow your bantu knots to air dry, we recommend doing the knots at night. How long do Bantu knot last? I know! Bantu Knots for Dry Hair. Bantu knots are sections of hair that are tightly twisted to form a coil -- also known as the “knot”.Bantu knots have long been a popular hairstyle for Black women that has recently gained more traction among all women looking for cute, yet simple hairstyles. How much time is enough time? Sit under a hooded … Step 6: After you finish making all of your Bantu knots, you will need to sit and dry your hair. Unfortunately, that did not happen, thus I experienced a good bit of breakage as I … It’s water-based so it added the perfect amount of moisture to my hair in order to set the curls. That term sounds like something that can get us in hot water but that’s probably what some people are used to calling it. Per her website, “our Hydrate Collection will take the stress out of wash day for Afro and Curly textures. I suggest re-creating for better definition. Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. Having my hair in this many Bantu-knots actually allows them to dry pretty quickly (which is strange since Bantu-knots … Don’t forget to apply any necessary product to get the big curls you’re aiming for. Source. Call it a bantu knot, a protective style, or a 90s look making a hardcore fashion comeback—it’s certainly making waves lately! You can actually do bantu knots on both damp and dry hair. Blow drying the knots is not recommended and therefore one may have to use a hooded drier to hasten the process. Braids All Around. Stun with this Bantu knot mohawk. Here is a … Today my neighbor(Dautri) is doing my bantu knots on wet hair for me!! (Don’t ask how I got my blow out to last that long; you might not really want to know lol.) If you master taking out the bantu-knot … Enjoy! Styling your hair while wet can cause extreme breakage due to the over-manipulation it endures from the twisting process. Depending on the number of bantu knots you do, you’ll end up with springy little curls or big wavy curls. Create sections according to the final look you want. A good styling product is critical for doing a bantu knot out on dry hair. If the knots are not dry before the removal, the curls may simply drop once the knots are taken down. As such, this is a style that can go for a number of days without requiring a redo. I put four in the front because I wanted to make sure that the curls in this section were more defined. Dry hair will be difficult to be sectioned and the dripping hair may leave the knots limp. ” Danielle (@projectdanielle) says: September 17, 2011 at 8:40 PM Gorg! Okay, now for the fun part… 3. If you’ve done a bantu knot out on dry hair, let me know what worked for you. My curl guru and colorist, Christina Kelley, recommended this method to ensure my hair soaks up … First I’ll provide you with some useful tips and things you should know, and then a couple of simple steps that will help you achieve the perfect bantu-knots on dry hair!

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