If you drive through Corinne, you will see Promontory Point and the National Parks monument commemorating the joining of the transcontinental railroad. Presented in the form of a braided essay that employs the critical devices of metaphor and geoaesthetics, we demonstrate how Spiral Jetty represents the Anthropocenic ‘golden spike’ for art history, and also explore the role of first-person narrative in writing about art. Had Smithson constructed Spiral Jetty during any of the lake’s higher water phases, a succeeding drought would have left it high and dry, like a shore-anchored boat at low tide. Walter De Maria, The Lightning Field. The Spiral Jetty, … Grateful because I saw the work on September 25, 2010 and no one will ever replicate the experience of seeing it on that day, for it reinvents itself with every change of light, tide, and weather. On the northeast side of the Great Salt Lake is an earthworks sculpture made by American sculpture Robert Smithson called a Spiral Jetty. That is a good stop for its own sake. Spiral Jetty. Spiral Jetty is a work of art that was created at the north end of the Great Salt Lake by Robert Smithson in 1970. The GSL is not so "great" anymore and its shore was sitting some 600 yards away from the Spiral Jetty in August of 2018. The Spiral Jetty at Sunset Tuesday, August 14, 2018 When we were moving to Utah last year, I scoured the internet to find a bunch of things that we could go and do as a family, and created this post about 28 Free Things to do in Utah with Kids. Locals know about the Spiral Jetty but many out of staters and people from other countries … Smithson documented the construction of the sculpture in a 32-minute color film also titled Spiral Jetty. It … It is a mix of gravel and dirt roads out to the jetty. Robert Smithson was 32 years old in 1970 when he created his masterpiece, Spiral Jetty, at the north end of the Great Salt Lake, near Historic Golden Spike National Park in Promontory, Utah. Plus, on the way there was an unexpected surprise – the Golden Spike National Monument! Spiral Jetty is an earthwork sculpture constructed in April 1970 that is considered to be the most important work of American sculptor Robert Smithson. by Robert Smithson Land art, public art, sculpture. Primarily the Spiral Jetty is just a really cool place to check out and see another part of the Great Salt Lake as well as an interesting artwork. With Bingham Bryant, Stephen F. Cohen, A.S. Hamrah, Caroline Luft. In this small presentation, the focus point is Spiral jetty, the most famous work by American artist Robert Smithson (1938 – 1973). Spiral Jetty Great Salt Lake at Rozel Point Box Elder County Utah Dia Art Foundation 535 West 22nd Street New York City www.diaart.org Directions to Spiral Jetty Spiral Jetty is an approximate 2.5-hour drive from Salt Lake City. Muelle ou malecón espiral foi o nome co que Robert Smithson chamou a espiral que creou removendo 7.000 toneladas de roca basáltica, croios, cristais de sal e algas no Gran Lago Salgado de Utah, no ano 1970; ao artista interesáballe que estivera fóra… A core tenet of land art is its susceptibility to the cycles of nature. C This article has been rated as C-Class on the project's quality scale. Maya Lin, Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This is the currently selected item. 3:18. The Spiral Jetty is an earthwork art installation created in 1999 by the American sculptor, Robert Smithson. Spiral Jetty looked nothing like I’d imagined – a.k.a. Spiral Jetty is 15ft wide and 1,500ft long, and we were dwarfed in comparison. Score: 79 with 294 ratings and reviews. a thing for us; Smithson’s Spiral Jetty Posted on September 15, 2019 by Denise On a recent, intense, two-day trip to Park City, Utah, Mitch and I made an impromptu decision to include a visit to Robert Smithson’s work of land art known as the Spiral Jetty. Comprised of mud, salt, basalt rocks, and formerly water, the Spiral Jetty winds its way counter-clockwise from the shores of the Great Salt Lake. This is a Cayenne/Macan off road tour but all Porsches are welcome to GSNHS. Its pattern evokes snail shells and lollipops, belying the functionality of a simple jetty. Roberth Smithson's Spiral Jetty earthwork sculpture can be seen on the Northern shore of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. View an image of the artwork → A sculptural coil spirals out into the Great Salt Lake, Utah. On display from 25-11-2017 until 15-04-2018. Use the restrooms because … Spiral Jetty is an earthwork sculpture made from rock and earth and is located on the northern end of the Great Salt Lake. When Smithson built the spiral in 1970, the briny waters of the lake were solid pink with algae. Smithson built the Spiral Jetty—a 1,500 foot-long, 15-foot wide, coil that extends into the Great Salt Lake—with water, salt, and 6,000 tons of earth and volcanic basalt rocks. In 1970 when Spiral Jetty was created, water levels of the Great Salt Lake were particularly low. Christo and Jeanne-Claude, The Gates. Spiral Jetty is located 15 miles south of Golden Spike National Historic Site (GSNHS…we were there three years ago). I drove my Mom up to the Spiral Jetty yesterday morning and along the way did some bird photography and enjoyed the scenery. Built on the northeastern […] Spiral Jetty April 8 2018 - Duration: 2 minutes, 46 seconds. The Spiral Jetty could be considered one layer within the spiraling crystal lattice, magnified trillions of times. Smithson constructed a 1,500-foot-long and fifteen-foot-wide spiral made of stones, algae, and other organic materials (6,000 tons in all) in the northeastern part of Utah's Great Salt Lake.

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