You need be really willing to fish hard. in quick. When the bite is pretty static, I always think it’s like the mouse that walks past the cat. Rig Your Boat Properly That’s when the kingies are feeding. King mackerel are a very popular game fish. A large live or fresh bait is usually then drifted out under a balloon or float, usually in conjunction with a light berley trail. Each of them is regarded as a specialist in their field and they all have a canny ability to catch massive fish. You can jig fast with a low ratio reel if you’re a good jigger but a higher ratio reel would be easier for beginners. Where to catch King Mackerel. [2] X Research source Medium and heavy refer to how much the rod bends while you’re using it. In 2002, 1,500 pounds of Northern kingfish were reported harvested commercially in New Jersey. When You Have a Chance to Catch Kingfish Kingfish range in size from 5lb snakes to 50lb smokers, and are tons of fun on light tackle. There are a couple of disadvantages with selecting trolling as your method of extraction. A kingfish, even a relatively small one, is extremely strong. More How To. Kingfish on Saltwater Fly - Fishing the Flats. Sorry this content is for subscribers only. I’d recommend to most people to use 80lb and fluorocarbon  - the rule on that is go as light as you can get away with. The WT (walk-thru) model is the natural follow-up to the original 2250, launched in 2019. Make sure the hook is set right away and get stuck in real quick. Kindle Store. The new ‘kingfish on the flats’ fishing season of 2020/2021 is all set to upload and explode over a number of different coastal communities dotted up and down New Zealand. Pete Lamb Special, Fishing | Time | Moon | Tide | Current | Weather, Epic Freediving & Snorkelling at Goat Island, SImply Kingfish - Matt Watson Ultimate Fishing, Ranfurly Banks bluefin & deep drop action, How to fish microjigs and slow jigs with Rob Fort, High detail slow pitch jig techniques explained, Drone footage - Epic shots and Epic Fails: Ultimate Fishing TV, FIELD TRIPS USA in NZ for GIANT Yellowtail Kingfish & Snapper, How to get back on your SOT kayak with Paddle Guy & Dave, Freediving for Crays, West Coast New Zealand, Milford Madness! popper fishing is very effective because the warmer water speeds up the kingieÍs metabolic rate, creating turbo-charged feeding machines. They are definitely fun to catch on light tackle where they will make exciting and blistering runs. Just remember that kingfish will find a weakness in anything. The migratory fish especially enjoy the Gulf and Intracoastal waters through February. 12 King Mackerel Fishing Tips. Large fish require heavy tackle, especially since kingfish often inhabit reefy territory and are amongst the most powerful fish in New Zealand for their size. That’s why we’ve changed a lot of what we do in designing the rods. King Mackerel, also known as Kingfish, are biting in the warmer waters off the shores of beautiful Sanibel Island and Fort Myers this time of year. I had made the journey once again to other side of the world, and this time round, I was not going to miss the opportunity to hook up with Justin Duggan (JD) from ”Sydney Fly Fishing” . The Florida Keys’ Monster Barracudas. Sign Up. We recommend a good livebait hook, Black Magic and Gamakatsu are our go-to hooks. Of the above baits, live mackerel, salmon trout and squid are, in my opinion, the number one baits. There are few fishermen out there who know more about chasing kingfish with surface lures. You have to remember that it’s one up and one down for each revolution of the reel. You do cover more ground than being at anchor but are still fairly location specific, as you can’t cover the ground a normal trolling boat under outboard power will cover. There are subtle little things that must be done to tame these wild monsters and every expert has his own keys to success. Kingfish at a Glance. That might not always be the case but it’s good to give it a go. His boat Pursuit holds the all-tackle world record for kingfish (51kg). In many areas, livebaiting is the best method to consistently catch our distinguished inshore gamefish. If you are fishing in an area with a quick drop-off such as 3-R's, keep tension on your fish but don't pull on your fish too hard when the wave action is receding. It’s times like this that bait fishing at anchor can be the best method of enticing a king. Braid is definitely the way to go if you’re jigging but if livebaiting we prefer to go with mono. Tips from the pros bring more big king mackerel boatside. Check out the full classic episode of Ultimate Fishing's guide to targeting kings with that guy Matt Watson. The size of the trace and hook size is absolutely paramount and comes down to the bait size. You can catch king mackerel from just about any boat, but the most consistent winners show up with 23- to 45-foot center-console kingfish-fishing machines from builders such as Contender, Everglades, … 3. look for diving birds around any hard bottom. Fishing from the moving boat, whether trolling on the electric or outboard, gives you the ability to give chase easier than when anchored and baitfishing. Boats. Small flounder, called dabs, are popular prey for many predators including snapper . We catch kings every month of the year using a … Some kingies will move with the bait whereas others will just hang around structure all the time. How to Use Fishing Lights. You hear of the odd fish being taken on all manner of trolling lures but skirted lures, in combination with strip baits, are the most popular way of enticing a king to bite when trolling. On each occasion the kingfish sped off over the sand, taking about 100m of line. Most folks troll for kings. Gear. How to Use Fishing Lights. Many tackle manufacturers seek his skills in the research and development of new rods and reels. Anglers in their hundreds flocked to the iconic Canterbury high country to take part in the annual fishery opening with many anglers out on the water just after midnight. " It’s also important not being too far from a nearby ramp should things go bad. Deeper water jigging using knife style jigs is an exciting way of tackling kingfish that has really taken off in other parts of Australia. • Gulf kingfish (whiting): Gulf kingfish, also called Gulf whiting, according to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, live in small schools in the surf along the Gulf coast. How To. Obtaining quality live baits at the same spot as your hoping to catch kings has its obvious difficulties. Now everyone knows that New Zealand is the best place to catch kingfish. Teasers can be employed to assist when trolling but they work best in glassy conditions. People look at the size of the intended quarry and rig accordingly but that’s not the way to go at all. It’s a bit like rubbing your nose with one hand and doing circles on your belly with the other. We’ve had kings up to 20kg off the pylons in Auckland Harbour, five minutes from a boat ramp. If you’re not happy with them, re-tie them. Travel. While my own preference is for braided line, lots of king mackerel anglers prefer the shock- absorbing stretchiness of mono. Make sure the rod is at least 7 ft (2.1 m) long so you can capture heavier kingfish without worrying about it breaking. Kingies can move around a lot and trolling keeps you on the move and actively looking for them. He regularly hosts Asian tackle experts in New Zealand as well as being the distributor for JigStar tackle and Zest jigs. It depends on where the fish are in the water column, but sometimes we’ll fish hard on the bottom, other times in midwater. Kings in the 6-9kg are magnificent sports fish and once they get over 10kg they can take some serious extraction. For jigging, I wouldn’t go much less than 30m. Don’t be afraid to turn the jig upside down if it’s bottom weighted. Kingfish are one of the hardest-fighting fish in our seas and they inhabit our waters from the Kermadec Islands to the Banks Peninsula. The latter integrated with a Class-B AIS transceiver and GPS. You would have to say, the ultimate gamefish!. The skirt helps keep the strip bait from spinning as well as providing a bit of extra flash and bubble. Since hitting the global market, the 2250 has become one of the most popular Stabicraft vessels in what was already a pretty impressive fleet. This technique though also has its difficulties and disadvantages. Kingfish can be found both inshore and offshore, and are often caught right off the beach or pier. Updated: July 16, 2019. Thank you! One big king has plenty of meat on it. Livebaiting In many areas, livebaiting is the best method to consistently catch our distinguished inshore gamefish. Troy Dando is a prolific South Island kingfish fisho. It is a great step by step video on how to make a great kingfish dip. If there are hungry kings cruising around there’s probably precious little chance of securing a live bait in the same location. It gives the stickbait a bit of added action. They’re really well finished and they have really good hooks. How to catch Kingfish What do you get when you cross the explosive power of a feeding marlin with the stamina of any tuna and the gut-wrenching, tackle busting attitude of a tropical trevally? They fight hard and are great to eat. Yellowtail kingfish are found all around the world in temperate ocean waters. Here are some species you can expect to catch including “kingfish”. As soon as you drift off from fishing them, you won’t get them. As they prefer warm waters, they can be found year round in south Florida, where the water temperatures never really get that low, even throughout the winter. When I moved to topwater, the number of the fish caught started going up and you get that visual aspect. Move in as fast as practicable to the … More How To. NZ Fishing World spoke to five of the country’s most respected kingfish fishermen to find out the secrets to their success. Keep him loaded, get your knees into the rail of the boat and hold on! Don’t be tempted to give up after a couple of hours then go snapper fishing. }); Yellowtail kingfish are one of the ocean’s great fighters. The just announced Surtees/Yamaha Grand Prize for the 2021 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show will again be a huge incentive for Kiwi boaties and fishers to attend the country’s largest, longest-running and most popular boat show. When you get hooked up, until that rod is totally loaded you need to keep jigging. Stickbaits can be very expensive but I catch just as many kingfish on cheaper ones too. Kingfish often come on the bite over the change of tide when prey species alter positions in preparation for a new direction of current flow and therefore become vulnerable. Tackle used needs to reflect the size and power of kingfish. Catching and keeping that bait alive or super fresh does have difficulties. Thing is, we were new and didn't know what we were catching, so we were afraid to keep any. One we have extremely good luck with is Black Magic 130lb. Put kingfish in a cooler that has a combination of ice and saltwater to form slush that helps preserve the fish and keep it colder. If I can get away with a 150g, 200g jig and we’re backing away with it, I’ll do it. how to catch kingfishareas to fish 1. gulf of mexico from 1 - 30 miles offshore. By George Poveromo. Oops! Whether you wind and sweep, slow wind or fast wind, they swim really well. We use 37kg gear but for the Hauraki Gulf you could use a 15kg setup. They prefer a water temperature above around 68°F, and travel in order to stay within that range. They are often snagged by the hook and its best to fight them with light drag so as not to lose them. While staggering baits at multiple depths is a best bet to catch quantities of kingfish, larger specimens are typically lazy feeders, dwelling deeper in the water column. With many aspects to consider in rock fishing, there are some exiting and very effective forms to target relatively common prolific species. Kingfish dip is one of the best ways to prepare kingfish, especially if you have a lot of it and you are not going to eat it all the same day you catch it. Well here's something to really occupy the bored fisho in lockdown or when the weather is driving you crazy. Course Overview. Kingfish has the scientific name of Seriola lalandi. I like braid, and it does have advantages, but line type is a personal preference. The Japanese believe every reef or particular spot always has one big dog and if you have the biggest lure you might just catch the monster. How to Catch Kingfish. Be prepared to persevere and you’ll get the rewards. People think, ‘oh my gosh, these are big heavy fish’ and they think they need big heavy trace and big hooks but that’s wrong. To me, you can’t call that targeting kingfish. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ I think the green and gold colours are more around that kahawai type of look so they’re always going to be appealing to big kingfish. Off Virginia Beach, my home port, king mackerel fishing is more of a niche pursuit practiced by a cult of dedicated inshore anglers. Yes, you’re always going to feel a bit sore afterwards but you can reduce that if you’re fit and using good gear. I’ve always found pinks and pilchard colours and blue-silvery colours to be the best picks for me. Sign in. Alternatively they might just follow along without hitting the lure. They regularly appear along the Atlantic coast from late April to October. Constantly checking spread for followers and being able to adjust speeds up or down may induce a strike. Al McGlashan explains how to catch them. I shudder at some of my earliest attempts to catch kingfish, knowing with the benefit of hindsight that the gear I employed was not up to scratch. An EXCELLENT tutorial for setting up a fly reel correctly. Make sure all your knots are ready to go the night before. Kingfish are always a welcomed gamefish while fishing in tropical waters. Most were caught by gill nets and otter trawls with only a few caught by fish pots and traps. If there are hungry kings cruising around there’s probably precious little chance of securing a live bait in the same location. Sight-fishing kingfish from the rocks is hard to beat and a good pair of polaroid sunglasses is the key. This of course has the obvious disadvantage of requiring excellent weather/sea conditions to be effectively undertaken. There is a saying in fishing circles ‘no run, no fun’, and nowhere does this ring more true than when chasing kings. For that reason, I’d encourage people to have as few connection points in their rigs as possible. Dan grabbed his camera while I went for the gaff. Kingfish. It has a retail value of over $250,000 and will be drawn shortly after the show’s close on May 16, 2021. Each summer, I spend hours searching for a king bite. Try on different colours and weights and see which one is the hit of the morning. Some keen bait anglers have buoys rigged up to their anchor so they can drop the anchor and quickly give chase – retrieving it later. What you have often is people striking very authoritatively but then they don’t follow that up. Poppers are OK for a few kings occasionally Kings can be caught year-round nowadays. A long day on the water holding the braid when you’re casting can be hard going. The minimum legal size of 60cm, with a daily bag limit of 5 over minimum size. As soon as you drift off from fishing them, you won’t get them. Photo courtesy of Roland Persson. But sometimes lures aren’t the most effective means of triggering a kingfish bite. Green and gold is another good way to go. They are rigged on a short 40-60cm trace to aid with repetitive casting, by not having the knot travel through too many guides each cast. Chris Wong introduced mechanical jigging to New Zealand. Here's a great look at all the key factors before planning a fishing trip courtesy of ol mate Briggsy from Aus. Kingies are real mongrels, they’re street fighters so the further you get them off the bottom once they know what the deal is, the better. It is an area where surely with a bit more research and exploration, some offshore king jigging grounds will appear. Siren 3 Pro. Problems that exist in warmer areas of their distribution, such as parasites and a disease that causes the flesh to turn soft and milky when cooked appear non-existent in cooler southern waters. We’re fishing as deep as 200 metres and often in 80 to 150 metres and we almost always drift so this is so important. Not only are they great eating, they also offer a pretty good tussle on the end of the line. Enjoy your ebook "How To Catch Kingfish!" Kingfish is a renowned sports fish and a heavy-duty setup is required. The best months in the Gulf are January, February and March and the amount of kingfish we catch in these months is anywhere between 10 and 30 in one day. You want your finger just on the braid when you cast. A combination of good weather before the southerly change hit meant anglers were able to celebrate this tradition with gusto.

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